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The Nike Dunk Low Spartan Green GS has as two dominant hues, the varsity green and white.

The leather upper of this Low Nike Dunk sneaker for grade-schoolers is white-hued. The white leather upper is contrasted by a green hue on the Swoosh logos as well as on the overlays. This same colour combination is used on the rest of the shoe, with varsity green appearing on the middle section, laces, and the outsole, whereas a white hue is displayed on the midsole.

The Nike Dunk Low Spartan Green GS first released on May 3, 2021.

Every brand has slightly different sizing standards, therefore we advise before purchasing a product you double check your size and ensure it's correct against the manufacturer. (E.g. Nike, New Balance, Adidas etc). To avoid confusion we are here to help with any sizing problems!

Often sneakers have the sizing type abbreviated next to the name. If there's an abbreviation by the name, it doesn't follow traditional men's sizing. For example, a size 6 in GS isn't the same as a size 6 in Men's shoe.

(WMNS) - Women's Shoe
(GS) - Grade School / Older Kid's Shoe
(PS) - Preschool Shoe
(TD) - Toddler Shoe
(I) - Infant's Shoe

Use this for reference, and you can be sure that you’re ordering the right shoe size. Note that different brands and manufacturers size slightly different – so a size 7 in Nike Air Jordan shoe might fit differently than a size 8 Adidas shoe, for example.

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